Learning report semester 2 year 1
Lisa Jane Pereboom

Got lost
Lost track of the classes
Didn't feel involved nor motivated to take part
A semester of inconsistent fluctuating emotions
Constant doubt about whether I was doing the right thing made not doing it the easy decision.
I was very close to quitting it al and starting an apprenticeship as a sailor on my uncle and aunts ship. But I was doubtful I was going to last not being engaged in art for a long period of time.

My deep fascination for the world kept my need for making, documenting, collecting in tact.

I might not have produced a lot of finished works but by feeling so challenged and struggling so much, I spent a lot of time reflecting. Getting to know things about my surroundings, myself and my perspective.

understanding how I experience things makes it clearer how that translates / reflects in my work. And I think understanding my work better is some kind of growth I guess.

I hope to return to a flow of working and get involved again.

http://lisajanepereboom.kabkfinearts.nl/files/gimgs/th-18_Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 14_24_08.png